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What type of flowers would make a good birthday gift for my girlfriend?

White and Red Roses will do just fine....Good luck brother.

What type of flowers would make a good birthday gift for my girlfriend?
hey beautiful

im sure its not the brand of flowers that will make her happy but itll be you...... so whatever you get her will make her happy... good luck !!!
Reply:Flowers shouldn%26#039;t be used as a gift per se. They should be used as a way to tell the other person that you love her and are thinking about her. You should definitely give them to her, but don%26#039;t let it be the only thing you do. Depending on your depth of affection for her, the type of flowers with change. My boyfriend had to buy flowers for my birthday only ten days after we%26#039;d been dating. He got me pink roses in a heart shaped vase, because I love pink and hearts. We%26#039;ve been dating now for 3 1/2 months and I still remember those roses.
Reply:well the flowers usually accompany the gift.. but orchids are my favorite they are beautiful and exotic... im always impressed if I get these from a man
Reply:This is a personal question, you need to find out what her favourite flowers are.

a lot mentioned tulips, I don%26#039;t like them.

Calla lilies are beautiful, roses is a classic, I love birds of paradise or a nice mixed bouquet is a always a winner too.
Reply:It depends on several things...

How long you are dating for... how much you know her....How does she like.. but above all, put so much love when you but it. I personally should like only one red or white rose and some little but %26quot;touching%26quot; gift , that shows her how much you love and know her
Reply:Calla lilies...

Sentimental and sweet. You probably enjoy a nice walk on a quiet beach with your girl.

5-6 of them tied together with a ribbon, or hemp rope.


Adventurous, and out going. You%26#039;re probably not interested in the mundane.

The more colorful the better.


Traditional. You%26#039;re probably a %26quot;dinner and a movie%26quot; type of guy.

No less than a dozen, or you%26#039;ll just look cheap.
Reply:i would terribly appreciate and find it fabulous if my bf of anyone else, collected some flowers from somewhere and brought them to me instead of buying them! it will be really nice! i do it often, i go to Marina Dbayeh and collect some purple and yellow flowers and take them to mom!


Reply:In my opinion... Give her a good perfume and only one white rose. More romantic.
Reply:ay.. ok I%26#039;m back and I apologise cause I had problems with my computer...

Now the roses!! red, white, pink.... Red are the best and tell the flower person who%26#039;s arranging it not to put so much of the weird stuff that are not needed...

Happy Birthday to her
Reply:Red, Yellow, White, or Pink long stemmed roses.
Reply:flower..r u sure?

Anyway,i like looks good..ur girl might gonna like it..Roses are too common now..

and its a good thing to make a change for a while lol...
Reply:I love tulips. Thanks Itay ;D
Reply:Red Pink and white Roses are OK...but Tulips are better

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What are great gifts for men just to say i love you, i care, thank you for all you do, have a great day, etc..

Guys aren%26#039;t into the flowers and such as women, so what are some nice gifts or actions to take for no special day...just b/c?

What are great gifts for men just to say i love you, i care, thank you for all you do, have a great day, etc..
Draw a stickman drawing of you and your man in a new and exciting sexual position. On the other side, write about all the great things he does and how you think he%26#039;s just the greatest. Include how hot you think he is and how you want to show him the stickman moves. Tuck it into his briefcase or coat pocket and then be sure to make yourself look stunning that night when he comes home from work. When he gets home, seduce him.
Reply:a kiss and a cuddle are the best gifts... you dont need material thing to show him how much you love him...............
Reply:Guys suck they like expensive gagits, a flower equivalent is more costly for guys. My guy drools over the apple TV, iphone, wii and other pricy gagits.

On the other hand he loves a thoughtful note of %26quot;I love you, you mean so much to me%26quot;. If you want the wow factor go for the present, if you want something more heart felt, make him breakfast and write a card saying you love him.
Reply:Balloon bouquets are great.

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I'm thinking of a Mother's day gift. Dont want to give flowers, something different.?

Can you give me some ideas?

I%26#039;m thinking of a Mother%26#039;s day gift. Dont want to give flowers, something different.?
How bout throwing her old arrse down the stairs and locking the door. How%26#039;s that for a tip.
Reply:your mother gave birth to you and helped more rearing you than your father.she loves you more than her own a father but i feel betterknowing my child loves her mom more than me simply because fathers are many but moms are few. now not every man can be a daddy though Report It

Reply:a basket of fruit, wine, a gift certificate for something she likes, maybe surprise her borrow the car get it washed a filled with gas
Reply:I got my mum a new sewing box, it%26#039;s made of leather and is really gorgeous.

Seriously if you don%26#039;t have cash a nice home cooked meal for her and your father would be good. I%26#039;ve done that a few times, a picnic, make something or write a nice poem.

Maybe a pot plant so it doesn%26#039;t die or give a foot rub.

get a blank canvas and make a collage of photos of you and your family.
Reply:a nice vacation or a nice dinner
Reply:It%26#039;s easy to buy a frame to decorate and put a picture of youself and your mom, kids, etc. That way the gift comes from the heart, and has an everyday purpose: to remind her how much you love her.

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What can I have delivered to a hospital that isn't food, wine or flowers?!?

My grandfather is in a hospital that doesn%26#039;t allow flowers, and he is too sick for food/drink gifts.

He lives in another country so I%26#039;d like to arrange something to be delivered since I can%26#039;t visit in person, but I can%26#039;t think of anything. I would send a car but it would take too long in the mail.

What can I have delivered to a hospital that isn%26#039;t food, wine or flowers?!?
A Barber Shop Quartet to sing him a nice rousing song.
Reply:Is he expected to come out again? It%26#039;s a delicate matter.
Reply:a beautiful card? a picture of you? a stuffed animal?
Reply:Send him books
Reply:Balloons or you could call a flower shop and explain to them what is going on and they will le tyou know what they have.

Sorry about your grandpa.
Reply:How about a good book to while away the boredom for him.Hope he gets well soon.
Reply:Forget about sending anything, give him a call.
Reply:The best thing you could do would be to write him a brilliant letter, he will read it over and over and treasure it and your love. Material things and his comfort are being dealt with, but your letter will lift his spirits - or could you phone him as well. You sound so caring which makes a change and he is lucky too.
Reply:Card and photoframe with a personal note. But visiting him yourself would mean more to him.
Reply:I think if your Granddad is unwell send a card (with meaning) and write a letter/note to him. It will be better than any gift because he will know you care all those miles away.
Reply:A Teddy Gram (Custom Teddy Bear delivery) or a Singing Telegram Delivery , that might cheer him up and give him a good laugh!

toiletries (Wet Wipes, shower gel, talc, etc)



photographs of family
Reply:Use a priority mail service for the card, such as AirSure - takes about 3 days from the UK to most destinations.
Reply:balloons, personalised teddy, photo album, make something for him like a painting or something and sed via a specialist courier company so it wont take long to get there

you could make a tape of his favourite music
Reply:A Vermont Teddy Bear. And I believe you can customize one, too! They are top quality teddy bears and sometimes come with other little gifts. Check out the internet as I%26#039;m sure they have a website, just type vermont teddy bear in the search engine. This way he%26#039;ll have something special to look at that reminds him of you, and depends on how sick he is he can even cuddle with it! :)
Reply:I%26#039;m sure you could find a specialty store that could deliver a gift basket of nice items...maybe a book or some magazines (if he can%26#039;t read for himself, some hospitals have people who volunteer to read to patients), some unscented lotion for his hands or face (hospital air can be drying to the skin). A personalized letter is nice, and some basic necessities, like toothbrush, shampoo, and the like are good because the kinds they have in hospitals are not usually really what most people would pick for themselves. If he likes music, and is able to work with current technologies (or if someone is there who can help him), a personal music player or mp3 player loaded with his type of music would be good, with headphones so he can listen without disturbing other patients.

It%26#039;s nice that you%26#039;re thinking of him...the best gift is to let him know that you care!
Reply:Sorry your grandfather is ill Princess.

Could you try to speak to him. You could call the hospital and tell them you live far away and they might be able to arrange for you to have a few words, to let him know you love him and are thinking of him.

God bless both of you xx.
Reply:Pictures of you %26amp; your family and lots %26amp; lots of cards. Send a parcel [shoebox] and put things like his favourite book, favourite smell and get each and every member of your family to write a note to him to tell him they hope he gets better soon. Let him know that all of you are safe but that you hope he gets better soon.

Put lots of rose petals in there, and simple things such as handkerchiefs and photos - less is more.

I hope this helps you. x

x New York City babe xx
Reply:Nah it won%26#039;t take long, just send the car.
Reply:What kind of hospital can you deliver wine to ? If i get ill i%26#039;m going there!
Reply:How about a portable tape recorder - with a tape with a personal message from you and some of his favourite bits of music recorded on to it.
Reply:clothes, (nice ones!)

things he might like, ie, gifts...

electronic gadgets.....

reading material..

toiletries... anything nice/useful for when you are spending time in hospital.


I want to send a gift to my grandad in the hospital- are flowers OK?

I can%26#039;t send chocolate or wine, as he is too ill for that, so it%26#039;s the only thing I can think of to send, but I%26#039;m never sure whether flowers are OK for a man.

I want to send a gift to my grandad in the hospital- are flowers OK?
Some hospitals don%26#039;t allow flowers on certain wards now, you would be best checking. My partners mum was recently in hospital and she couldn%26#039;t have any on the ward she was on.
Reply:Flowers are fine for a man - just be sure they%26#039;re sent in a vase so there%26#039;s no problem about finding something to put them in or arranging them.
Reply:Flowers are ok if he is no on chemotherapy, if he is not immunosuppressed and if he doesn%26#039;t have MRSa or other bacteria
Reply:Flowers are lovely in a hospital situation, because they bring some life and colour into a room which can be very gloomy.

Bright colours are usually welcome, and try to get an arrangement which comes with its own basket or box, because in many hospitals finding a vase can be a chore.

Best wishes for an improvement in your grandad%26#039;s health! :-)
Reply:Yes, they are a great gift for anyone and will brighten their day just knowing you cared.
Reply:not all hospitals allow flowers to be given to patients since they aren%26#039;t particularly hygenic. You%26#039;ll have to check first with the hospital ward he%26#039;s on.
Reply:Yes, flowers are good.
Reply:Flowers are fine. The best gift you can send him is a big hug and kiss, and tell him that you love him.
Reply:Many hospitals have flower shops on their premises. Check to see if they can do this online.
Reply:he will love them

i know we guys aint supposed to like flowers but secretly most of us do

all the best

Reply:What a lovely thought, but you had better check with the Hospital first as a lot will not allow flowers any more for MRSA purposes. A card will give as much pleasure.

Hope he recovers soon.

I know it seems like the right thing to do, but it is a sure way to piss off all the nurses.

Also, they are a health risk.

Nurses are not florests, they are not there to take care of patients flowers - they are there to take care of the patients.

Why dont you buy him a cheap personal CD player and some of his favourite music.
Reply:yes flowers are fine
Reply:It%26#039;s best to not send flowers as they%26#039;re not allowed in many wards, particularly those with patients suffering from cancer. Send your grandad a card together with a handwritten letter showing how much you are thinking of him.
Reply:Flowers collect dust and germs send acard!
Reply:how about a basket of mixed fruit instead.

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Clueless about the timing and buying gifts and stuff when in a relationship?

I been in a relationship with a friend for a month and a half and I still haven%26#039;t gotten her anything special in specific... the only thing I done so far is getting her tickets for Tyra Bank show which she likes..

My question is... how often should a guy buy gifts to their gf%26#039;s in random besides special days (bday, valentimes, christmas etc.)... I know it really depends whenever one feels like but the thing is, being the first time in a relationship I dont know what is the balance between showering one with too many gifts and or not doing enough. Also what about flowers and anniverseries?

Clueless about the timing and buying gifts and stuff when in a relationship?
Relax, the secert is to... LISTEN!!! Thats right, its not easy. But lets say... she says something to the effect %26quot;Man I just feel down today, man I just don%26#039;t know whats up I love you thou%26quot; buy her some flowers. If she says something like %26quot;Man I sure love those %26quot;such and such%26quot; from %26quot;so and so%26quot;, get her some the next day or a day or two down the line. Or lets say a few weeks ago she said something about well that one place, or going to the libaray, or never being to there, take her. Its really about listening.... good luck! Its not easy ;-)

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What would you rather receive as a gift for a special occasion, flowers or a plant?

flowers are so nice, but they die, and you throw them away.

plants are cool, because you keep them and keep getting reminded of the reason why you got it. have to go with a plant. but not just any ole plant, make it a nice one!

What would you rather receive as a gift for a special occasion, flowers or a plant?
I like plants as gifts, but if it%26#039;s a formal occasion potted plants are out of the question, better get the floral arrangement for graduations and such.

But if your giving the gift at home or somewhere when no one really knows your giving or cares then plants are the way to go. I give hanging plants to all the special mothers in my family for Mother%26#039;s Day. They love them and I love seeing them on their porches later in summer when they are huge and blooming.

....I prefer plants, firstly, because they don%26#039;t smell like a funeral parlor. Secondly, because they can last a lifetime. Flowers wither within 2 or 3 days, bummer for all the cash ya just flushed.
Reply:a plant, then I can be reminded of my special occasion each time I see the plant. Flowers die after a week or two.
Reply:Flowers, but only SILK! I have 30 cats, so I can%26#039;t have a plant, however, if it was a SILK plant, I%26#039;d love it cause silk plants look so real but are too expensive!
Reply:Flowers! I have too many plants already.
Reply:These are both pretty boring. If that%26#039;s it .. I%26#039;ll take the plant. I%26#039;d rather get a Swiss Army Knife or Multi-tool, a nice fountain pen, a couple of passes to the movies or gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.
Reply:depends on what would be sent and for what occasion. being a florist i would rather recieve a gift basket.
Reply:a plant die in few hours ..plant has longer life *-*